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Montana Carpets and Wooden Flooring pride themselves there-in that their entire fleet of vehicles are all new and professionally branded.

We have our own fully trained installation teams that specialize in wall to wall flooring – no sub-contractors are involved in any contract.

  • Wall to Wall Carpets
  • Laminated Wooden Flooring
  • Blinds
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Flooring for Boats & Caravan
  • Overcasting


Plush, thick wall-to-wall carpets are produced on a single wide loom, making them ideal for large expanses such as boardrooms, executive offices, hotel suites or bedrooms.

Carpets provide sheer luxury and comfort underfoot with exceptional backing systems and underlays, offering non-slip safety and sound and thermal insulating properties. We offer a wide selection of commercial or residential carpet styles that guarantee stylish interior design, coupled with economy and easy care. Beautifully crafted to exacting ISO standards for peerless quality and convenience, our extensive range of carpets combine modern fibre technology, with fashion to keep your home or office stylish and comfortable for years to come.

Wooden Flooring

We offer a wide range of high-quality PVC floors, which can be attached to your floor using an adhesive.

Our floors are made up of several layers of high-quality materials that are extremely environmentally-friendly. Our products include laminated floorings, solid wood flooring, bamboo floorings and engineered flooring. All our flooring products are strictly made as per European norms to give our customer the best value for money and full satisfaction.



Montana Carpets uses aluminium Head & Bottom rails for improved quality in both aluminium blinds. This eliminates the corrosive effect from normal & coastal climate and hence, increases their lifespan.

The components, cords, ladders and slats are all imported.

Venetian blinds are very versatile; apart from diffusing the light horizontally, they can retard or enhance the outdoor view into animated strips of colour.

Montana Carpets has an extensive range of aluminium venetian blinds, many in variations in 25mm, 50mm and 60mm slat width.

The increase in slat thickness from industry standard of .18mm to .21mm accredits Montana Carpets with a superior quality blind.


Montana Carpets uses aluminium Head & Bottom rails for improved quality in wooden Venetian blinds. This eliminates the corrosive effect from a normal & coastal climate and hence, increases their lifespan.

Venetian blinds are discreet, smart and give extremely efficient light control.

They are an excellent choice if the room in inquisitively overlooked striking just the right balance between providing privacy and capturing the tranquillity of daylight coming in.

Our wooden venetian blinds display in, namely: natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany, all in 25mm and 50mm slats.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is a major investment in our home, and regular cleaning is necessary to keep it looking new and fresh.

Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of reduced carpet life, enabling destructive and hazardous mites and bacteria to work incessantly if unchecked. Carpet cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of carpets and soft furnishings, so regular cleaning makes economic sense too.


Overcasting is a division where we thrive to deliver the best service to our customer’s overcasting needs.

No off-cut or existing carpet is too big or too small for us to overcast. Our wide variety of yarn in different colours will match any carpet. We aim to have a minimal turn-around time on one day – no more waiting for your carpets!


With DuraTurf you can enjoy the look and feel of perfectly manicured grass all year round without the hassles.

DuraTurf isn’t confined to the garden either, it’s popping up in areas where natural grass wouldn’t be seen dead!

  • Looks just like grass!
  • Easy to shape and install
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Safe for children and pets
  • 6 year warranty

General upkeep tips
· You can clean the grass with a flexible rake or leaf-blower
· Regular brushing with a soft, nylon-bristle broom will keep grass clean and upright (Avoid steel brushes!).
· Never use solvents! Washing DuraTurf with water (cold or warm) is sufficient, but for harsh chemical spills please refer to the manufacturer.
· To remove environmental spills – dirt, dust, bird dropping, pet stains – and other water-based spills – treat as you would normal grass.

Specific maintenance concerns
· Leaves and rough dirt: Simply brush, or hose, them away.
· Fine dirt: Water away fine dirt, but be wary of removing too much infill material. On smaller indoor installations please vacuum up fine dirt.
· Solids (e.g. chewing gum, pet faeces): Carefully scoop the solids up off the grass.
· Spilt drinks: Wash away with water.
· Burning materials (e.g. cigarette, braai coals): Remove as soon as possible but there may still be turf discolouration. Burn marks can be professionally repaired, please refer these queries to your installer.
· Flatness: Simply brush the grass fibre upright. A more regular brush ensures fibres may stay upright especially on high traffic areas.
· For further advice please contact us

Loose Rugs

A finely selected collection, offers customers pieces to make living in style, simple.

Sophisticated and contemporary, this definitive range or loose rugs, is suited for every day, inspired living. A thoughtfully sourced mix of rugs that serve to enhance comfort and style in the home. From sisal to viscose, the rugs in this collection are the ideal starting blocks for any interior.